The Pay-Per-Click Roadmap – Understanding Every Detail About PPC Marketing

There are several terms that may confuse people when talking about PPC. Ad groups, CTR (clickthrough-rate), impressions, queries, keywords – terms add up and people lose track of what a PPC marketing campaign is supposed to do. Of course, handling a PPC campaign without knowing much about this topic can be the trickiest thing you do, but PPC management companies wait for you to use their services whenever you get tangled up in all the theory. Here are the basic things you should know about PPC marketing:

The average position of your ad

This represents what place does your ad occupy most of the time in terms of SERP. When a person searches for a keyword that you use for your PPC ad, the ad has high chances of being seen in the online environment. Even though the average position of your ad might be quite pleasing, keep in mind that half of the time your ad is on it might be not placed in that position. If you are not sure how to increase your ad’s efficiency, make sure to look for a white label PPC management service. It will be much easier to handle your ads this way, and it won’t cost you more than it would normally cost to learn how things go on your own. Moreover, having your ads built the wrong way won’t return any good results and will only waste time, the most precious resource you have.

AdSense vs AdWords

When working with PPC, you definitely need to understand what AdSense and AdWords are and how they work. AdWords is now called Google Ads, but people still know it after its initial name. When deciding what to choose between the two you should get informed about the registration process and the opportunities they bring to the table. AdSense has a more complex application form that asks for more details than Google Ads does. The AdSense policies are also a bit more numerous than in the case of Google Ads. Depending on what your purposes are, you should read the terms and conditions of each and only decide when you know that Google Ads or AdSense is a match for you.

Your ad’s quality score

The quality score for an ad reflects how well-built and relevant your PPC ad is. This is very important, as the ad needs to attract clicks. The higher the quality score, the lower the costs you pay and the better ad positions you receive. The quality of your ad is calculated using factors such as CTR and CPC. CTR means clickthrough-rate and it refers to how relevant the ad is to a keyword and how many clicks it attracts. It is calculated by dividing clicks to impressions and multiplying the number with 100. CPC means cost-per-click and it should be lower than your initial bid. It is calculated by dividing costs to clicks. This quality score should determine whether your PPC ad is effective or not and guide you to the next required step, such as bettering your ad in case it doesn’t bring the expected results.