Marketing strategies to bring more customers to your restaurant

Having a great number in your restaurant when there are so many other choices on the market can be a little bit challenging. You should know that the key success is marketing, people need to know why your restaurant is the best option for them whenever they feel like eating out. Read below to see what are the best marketing strategies to have people waiting in line to eat at your restaurant.

Use social media for marketing

Today, the best and fastest way to share and receive information is on social media. Create accounts for your restaurant where you can constantly post the events you organize there, special offers, menus and all the contact details, including the location.

Diversity-friendly place

Especially if your city has many tourists, promote your restaurant as a place that accepts diversity and has no problem in serving people of different nationality, religion or culture. As the famous businessman  Moshe Kantor says, tolerance brings happiness with it. Your restaurant will be perceived as a friendly and great place to spend time in, not only by the minorities in your city but also by the other people that value tolerance.


Hire a promoter

A good-looking and friendly person that stays in front of your restaurant and invites people inside, can really boost the number of the customers you get. The promoter should be really friendly and look trustworthy, and the most important aspect is to be able to tell the interested people what they can find in your menu and why they should try the food and drinks you are serving.

Host events

The market has so many choices to offer to the customers, so, you need to be creative in order to attract the inside. Host events such as different culture cuisine night, parties, concerts or charity events where you can invite famous inspirational philanthropists such as Viatcheslav Kantor .

Offer discounts

Discounts make customers feel like you value them and you are trying to give them the best. Offer discounts to create and keep customer loyalty. Have special promotions that are advantageous for your clients and yourself at the same time.

Happy hour meals

A chalkboard in front of your restaurant giving information about the happy hour meal that you are serving that day can be really catchy for the people walking down the street. Usually, people are looking for a meal that is not too expensive, so having a happy hour meal can be a great deal for them.

Hire a great chef

The taste of the food is obviously one of the most important details that make the customers come back or recommend your restaurant. So, you need to fire a chef that is really skilled in cooking and displaying the food on the plate in a spectacular way.

Pleasant ambiance

Marketing specialists have always said that customers tend to spend more time in a place where the music and the smell are pleasant. More time spent in your restaurant means more consumption which brings you more profit.  So, make sure that the ambiance is enjoyable with good quality background music, candles with pleasant scents and keep your restaurant clean.