How to Increase Sales for Dehumidifiers in Summer

As a business owner who makes profits from selling dehumidifiers, you already know that sales peak during winter. As summer approaches, customers usually get less and less interested in buying your products, which greatly affects your business. But there are methods that you can turn to in order to continue making profits no matter what season it is. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to increase sales for dehumidifiers in summer, read the following lines.

Remind people that high humidity is still an issue even in summer through advertisement

No one wants to be confronted with mold, that’s for sure. This is precisely the reason why dehumidifiers have such a great success, being products that generally sell well. The reason why dehumidifiers sell better in winter than in summer is because people can’t open the windows to let the moisture that forms after certain chores out. But this doesn’t mean that in summer the need for a dehumidifier is reduced. In fact, during summer, the air both indoors and outdoors is more humid than during any other season. Therefore, activities like cooking and drying clothes indoors will further increase humidity, making it reach dangerous levels, and favoring the appearance of mold. Even worse, opening the window won’t actually help because the outdoor air is humid as well.

You can use these facts to your advantage when promoting your dehumidifiers to make people better understand why they should purchase your products even in summer. Place advertisements in newspapers, local radio stations, and on social media platforms in which you inform people about the high levels of humidity during summer, and they will surely come to your store to shop.

Start a blog on which you discuss the effects of high humidity and promote your dehumidifiers

Blogs are in right now, people being very interested to read what others have to say on various matters. Therefore, you can use a blog to increase sales for dehumidifiers in summer. On the blog, post regularly about the dangerous effects of high humidity on people’s health. Make sure that you write 1-2 posts per week to keep people interested in your blog. At the end of each post, make sure that you send a link to the website of your business, or talk about how the dehumidifiers that you sell can keep people safe from mold and it’s health-threatening effects.

Offer big discounts on your dehumidifiers at the beginning of the warm season

Discounts attract customers more than anything else. To make people interested in buying your dehumidifiers when summer comes, you should offer big discounts on the products at the beginning of the warm season. If you cut the prices to 50% for example, people will surely want to buy no matter if they intend to use the dehumidifiers during that period or not because they will be aware of the fact that they are saving a lot of money by making the purchase.