How to Choose the Best Promotional Products for Local Business

Promotional products represent one of the best marketing strategies for local businesses. However, in order for them to be as effective as possible, they need to be chosen carefully. Think about all of the promotional items that you have ever received, from flyers to branded t-shirts and caps. How many of those items have you ever used? Keep in mind that the purpose of a promotional item is to be used by someone, preferably in public, so that as much people as possible can see the promotional message. So, if you are interested in this marketing strategy, follow our simple tips.

1. Forget about branded clothing

Every clothing item, from t-shirts to caps is useless for marketing purposes. The problem is that nobody wants to wear branded clothing because it affects their image. Would you wear a t-shirt that advertises your local bakery? Unless you are a major brand like Coca Cola or McDonald’s, nobody is going to wear your brand, so don’t waste money on such products.

2. Think in terms of utility

Now that we have established that people don’t want to wear your brand, it is time to think about products that people actually use. A fridge magnet might seem like a fun option, but even if it actually ends up on someone’s fridges (which is quite unlikely), very few people are going to be able to see the message. A pen on the other hand is very efficient. It is cheap, and nobody ever has too many pens. People use pens, so this increases your chances of having your message seen. However, a pen is rather small, so even if it is a valid option, it is not the best option. A better option would be a backpack, a reusable bag, a mug, a planner, or even an umbrella. You might think that the umbrella falls under the  wearable items category. However, it is something that people wear out of necessity, and it isn’t really a personal style choice. 

3. Choose items related to your business

This strategy is great because it makes your message stand out more. For example, a branded bottle opener is a great choice for a bar or an artisan brewery. Floating keychains are great for a boat rental, a waterfront hotel or a pool. The floating keychain is particularly useful as it keeps the keys from sinking in the water. As such, people will use this item whenever they go near water, whether they go swimming, fishing or boating. So, try to think of items that match the nature of your business, but which are also useful for your customers.

4. Chose quality items

The problem with cheap items is twofold. First of all, people are unlikely to use your items if they look particularly cheap. Secondly, even if they do use them, the items will most likely break very fast, which makes them useless. On the other hand, if you choose high quality products, people will use them for many years, so they will keep promoting your business for a long time.