Business marketing and printed envelopes – are they connected?


In order for your business to go in the right direction, and for you to achieve the level of success desired, focusing on your marketing strategy is, of course, necessary. Because it provides effective results, and the costs involved are low ones, you probably still utilize the traditional direct mail advertising campaign. However, while you might have been focusing on the materials forwarded, you might not have thought until now about the envelopes used. Are these important for your marketing strategy? These are the factors that connect marketing with printed envelopes:

Drawing instant attention

Considering consumers are receiving so much “junk” mail on a regular basis, the likelihood of them not even opening your promotional material is a very high one. In order to determine them to show an interest in your company, peaking their curiosity from the start is necessary. Because the envelope is the first thing a recipient sees, it should be one that draws their attention. With the help of Kiasu Print envelope printing services, you can add the logo of your company together with other customization details that you might like, and determine the person receiving your mail to actually show an interest in opening it. You will be surprised to learn how many more people will actually access your materials thanks to a simple envelope change.

Envelopes pre-sale

If you read what marketing experts have to say on the topic, you will find out that the majority of them actually state that a customer can be persuaded in purchasing a product or hiring a service even before actually looking over the promotional material. A great envelope, personalized by, in a manner that suits the preferences of the recipient can in fact motivate its opening and even give the consumer the feeling that considering your offer will be beneficial for them.

Adding a touch of professionalism

If the recipient of your materials notices you have paid attention to every detail, they will automatically view your enterprise as more professional and reliable. Without even realizing it, a consumer’s opinion is influenced by the packaging of promotional materials, so the envelopes you use should work to your advantage. If you resort to the classic, dull, white envelopes, it’s only natural for a potential customer to not form the greatest opinion regarding your company, while a more authentic, customized alternative could in fact add positivity to the image of your brand. Show consumers just how professional you are, and start using printed envelopes for your direct mailing from now on.

As you can see, although you might not have thought about it in the past, printing your envelopes, and using a customized design an actually benefit four traditional marketing campaigns. Because usually, competition is rather high in any industry, utilizing every single aspect to your advantage is necessary, and a simple detail of this kind can bring you better outcomes. Choose a style that will trigger the interested of your direct mail recipients, and the positive results will not take long to show.