Benefits of Having a Playroom for Employees at Work

Regardless of your mentality, whether you like to be a hands-on employer who cares more about profits than you do about employees, or a friendly boss who actually takes an interest in the well-being of people working in your company and would never put their health or happiness before business goals, there is one change that needs to be done – the addition of a playroom for employees to have fun in. At first, the thought might scare you as you would probably think that they would just stop working altogether and have fun all day. But the truth of the matter is that playrooms in workplaces have been proven to have a significant beneficial effect on employees and the quality of the work they perform. Find out how exactly your business will benefit from adding a playroom for workers to unwind in from this article.

#1 – Enhanced Productivity Due to Stress-Free Work Environment

Stress is the biggest enemy of modern people as it seems to surround them at home, in traffic, and at work. As a smart business owner, you have to realize just how big of a negative impact a stressful work environment can have on workflow and quality, and do your best to keep employees happy and relaxed. In the playroom, they will obviously unwind and play games, relieving any stress that accumulates while performing work-related tasks. As everyone is more casual and does not sit constantly in a chair thinking solely about working, a stress-free environment is created, one from which your business will reap as productivity will inevitably increase. A happy worker is a hard worker, make sure to take these words seriously as they will produce a massive change for the better when it comes to the success of your company.

#2 – Employees Will Bond and Get to Know Each Other Better

It is important to create relationships in the workplace as people are social animals, feeling the need to talk and get to know others better. And what better solution is there to help your employees get closer to each other than providing them with a space where they can not only hang out and talk, but have fun together by playing. If your business requires employees to work in teams it is all the more important to help them get along better as they will communicate easier and produce higher quality projects as a result.

#3 – Ideal Stimulation for Creativity Boosting

Did you know that playing actually makes you smarter? Multiple studies have proven that children who play games and are generally active grow up to not only be sociable, more inclined toward leading a healthy lifestyle, but smarter too. The same goes for adults – just because you are at a certain age does not mean you have to take everything too literal and be serious all the time. As a matter of fact, playing for 20-30 minutes during work hours leads to an impressive work quality boost as employees unwind while using both parts of their brain, new connections being created. The direct result is a boost in the creative flow, which ultimately leads to better ideas and faster task resolving, thus a superior productivity rate being ensured.

#4 – Prevents Health Issues Caused by Excessive Sitting

Unlike previous generations where most jobs had people being active at work, nowadays, it is exactly opposite. Woefully, sitting for hours each day and focusing solely on the task at hand has modern people falling prey to numerous health issues at younger and younger ages. The most prevalent side effect of sitting 8 hours on a chair is back pain, a problem which has plagued most of us.  As an employer, you have to think about the well-being and comfort of your employees if you want your business to reach the heights of success. By adding a playroom with a pool table where they will stand up and move their torsos to play, or an air hockey table that will have employees sitting on their feet and rapidly moving around, you will make a big difference in back pain reduction and even elimination. As a result, your employees will be happier, healthier, and produce better quality work as well.

#5 – Stimulation of Endorphin Release for Overall Health Improvement

Playing games results in a person laughing and having fun, and this ultimately leads to a higher release rate of endorphins. Following a surge of heart-healthy triggers on a biological level, this release of endorphins causes people to not only have a more positive outlook on like, but boost their overall health as well, the formation of cholesterol plaque being reduced and heart diseases being prevented from appearing. Thus, as you encourage employees to play and have fun during work hours, you will help keep them healthy as well.

Examples of Big Companies that Have Employee Playrooms

Now that you know why it is important for a playroom to exist and how big of a positive change it actually brings, let’s move on and find out what are some of the biggest companies worldwide that have taken up this practice. Their example should be more than enough to convince you to make this addition yourself as these are high-profit companies that every business should aspire to be like one day.

    • Google

A major advocate or employee rights, the Google company is the ideal workplace you could ever imagine. For example, in their U.S. East Coast headquarters, this renowned company has a large playroom specially designed to encourage employees to bond with each other, have fun, get creative, and live healthier as a result of working in a stress-free environment. It does not come as a surprise that few people who get employed by this company ever leave, as not only does it provide with what many, including us, consider to be the best working conditions possible, but the paycheck is equally impressive too.

    • PopCap Games

Have you ever played Bejeweled, the award-winning game that produced a massive craze and fun addiction when it came out? Most likely the answer to this question is yes. The company behind this successful game is none other than PopCap Games, a company that has landed in our article due to the relaxed environment it created for employees through the addition of playrooms. Seeing how most people who work here – if not all of them – are gamers, it was necessary for a fun atmosphere to exist, encouraging employees to feel carefree and come up with the best ideas possible for the new game the company’s going to release.

    • Taboola

Besides making employees happy and thankful for their workplace by holding seasonal celebrations and themed parties, Taboola is a company that, just like Google and PopCap Games, has figured out that playing and working are actually tightly linked to each other. Promoting a fun, carefree working environment and encouraging productivity without being pushy as a result of the perks it provides for workers, this is a company everyone finds impossible to leave from.